Ripped Freak Amino Acid Powder

  • $49.95

Pharmafreak Amino Freak is an advanced amino acid formula utilising the newest cutting edge technology on the market to deliver a product superior to anything else like it.

Amino Freak is definitely not your basic amino acid formula and is made up of clinically-proven dosages of the world’s most research-validated anabolic/anti-catabolic amino acids. Amino Acids & Bcaa's are vital for overall health as well as supporting fitness goals such as muscle growth and body fat loss.


Pharmafreak Amino Freak features:


  • Enhance amino acid absorption
  • Enhance muscle growth and recovery
  • Reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and tissue damage
  • Decrease catabolic hormone levels

Amino Freak delivers nutrients through multiple pathways, maximizing your body's overall ability to transport, deliver nutrients, and ultimately support recovery. This supplements is ideal for hard training men or women who require a highly rated performance, recovery, and hydration formula to maximize workouts