Prolife Glucosamine 1500 100tabs

Prolife Glucosamine 1500 100tabs

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Prolife Maxi Strength Glucosamine 1500 provides 1500mg of Glucosamine and 1mg of Boron in a 1 a day tablet dose.

Glucosamine is an important building block needed by the body to manufacture glycosaminoglycans, key structural components of cartilage. It helps to stimulate the cells that produce these glycosaminoglycans and normalise cartilage metabolism by inhibiting their breakdown and exerting anti-inflammatory effects.

Glucosamine suplhate seemns to be the most beneficial form of glucosamine as it is the only form shown in clinical trials to be effective for osteoarthritis. It is not only used to help the body repair damaged or eroded cartilage, it also acts to improve connective tissue structure in the intestine.



Adults: Take 1 tablet daily with food or as professionally recommended.



Each tablet contains:

Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg

Boron 1mg