Prolife Calcium & Magnesium 30tabs

Prolife Calcium & Magnesium 30tabs

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Calcium & Magnesium is a comprehensive formula containing a range of synergistic nutrients including vitamins D & K that aid in increasing the bioavailibility of calcium. Calcium and Magnesium are important for the normal growth and development of healthy bones and teeth, as well as supporting muscle contraction and blood clotting.



Calcium citrate 250mg, magnesium 100mg, manganese chelate 1mg, boron 250mcg, calcium ascorbate 30mg, cholecalciferol (vitamin d3 2.5mcg, phylloquinone. This product contains tableting aids and coating colour. Som,e herbal extracts used.


Suggested Use

Adults: Take 1-3 tablets twice daily with food, or as professionally recommended.