Bodycore HMB 60 Caps

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BODYCORE HMB stands for Calcium Beta Hydroxy Methyl Butyrate Monohydrate, and is a metabolite of the branch-chained amino acid Leucine. HMB occurs naturally in plants as well as meat.

HMB has been shown to support the body's ability to minimize protein ie- muscle breakdown and damage to muscle cells, which can occur after intense resistance exercise. By reducing muscle tissue breakdown, HMB may tip the scales of protein turnover in favor of new muscle growth. HMB is an exciting breakthrough supplement that will allow people to get better results faster from the time they spend exercising.

HMB acts as a Protein breakdown suppresser. During periods of high stress such as intensive exercise, the body breaks down muscle tissue before it is rebuilt again. HMB minimises this breakdown process and therefore leads to higher and quicker gain in muscles mass. Because of this, HMB is an effective supplement both for both weight trainers and endurance athletes alike.

HMB works by helping the body's ability to build muscle and burn body fat through improving protein metabolism among other things.



  • Supports the body's ability to minimize protein
  • Get better results faster
  • Minimizes the breakdown of protein


Take 2 capsules of HMB three times daily with a 250ml glass of water, (with one dose being 90 minutes before training).

HMB can be taken with meals.

Anybody who wishes to increase muscle mass and strength should adjust their diet accordingly (sufficient Protein, etc.).

HMB can only work in combination with a high intensity exercise and best

HMB is best used in an intense cycle of 6 weeks

**An increased intake above the recommended dose of 6 capsules per day does not result in any additional increase in lean muscle gain or fat loss.