Sponsored Athletes




Here are our sponsored athletes! 


AGE: 19


ABOUT YOU: Im personal trainer and a huge gym freak. i wanted to test myself so i jumped into bodybuilding to compete. love every minute of training and being on stage  

SPORT: Bodybuilding 


ROLE MODEL:  Frank Zane 


WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED: Creating a powerful faith we need a definite plan to enact what we desire 


Top of the south 2017 2nd place.

New Zealand nationals Mens junior sports model 1st place 

New Zealand nationals Mens sports model overall 


WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE EXCERCISE: front and side shoulder raises. 


FAVOURITE BODYCORE PRODUCT AND WHY: I have to many favourite bodycore products. all of them are top quality supplements.   


QUOTE YOU LIVE BY: "Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation"




AGE: 28


ABOUT YOU: I'm a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, with a huge passion for competitive body building! 2 years ago I decided to do a full competition prep for a show and haven't looked back! I love every second of it from the 6am cardio to the late Friday, Saturday night weights sessions.

SPORT: Body Building


ROLE MODEL:  Chris palmer (brother in law) so much support and wisdom growing up under his guidance.  


WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED: Having such a supportive partner! also living and breathing what I do! (practice what you preach)


BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: Winning the Overall Title for Men's Athletic at the Nabba Wff Christchurch grand prix


WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE EXCERCISE: Hard to choose between back squats and bent rows I love the fight and feel of exhaustion in these to movements.


FAVOURITE BODYCORE PRODUCT AND WHY: Easy! Its a draw between- BODYCORES Intra Workout Casein Hydrolysate Peptopro and BODCYORES DHEA Keto a test booster that has actually worked for me!


QUOTE YOU LIVE BY: " You cant climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets" - Arnold Schwarzenegger